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  1. All the CamFrog TOS are applying to this room, no exceptions are made. You can find the CamFrog TOS here.
  2. The main owners are Add E9_E9, Add _FOREIGNER_, Add zohjahh They are in charge of the room. If you have the Owner/RED status, add them to your contact list, so they are always able to get in contact with you.
  3. Everyone is equal, user, friend, operator, owner, purple / extreme pro or gold. Brown, yellow, white or red people. Male or female. No exceptions made. The rules that are being mentioned inhere apply to EVERYONE. SHOW RESPECT TO EVERY USER !!
  4. Everyone who has no status yet, has to be live on camera, no black camera's, no pictures, no video's, no ceilings or walls or empty rooms, no paused camera's, everyone need to be visible and live on camera.
  5. Disable the setting -- automatically open most popular cams -- in your camfrog settings please !! Men usually do not like to be watched by other men.
  6. No man on man camera without asking first !! No woman on woman camera without asking first !!
  7. No drama in the room. Keep it in private !!
  8. Every owner/red is allowed to give the friend / blue status. Only the 3 main owners are allowed to give the operator / green status. Of course you can propose a person for the operator / green status to one of the main owners.
    1. When you are being promoted to Operator / Green or Owner / red status, it is expected you act accordingly your status and help to moderate the room. That means you apply the rules on all the users. You Warn kick or ban when needed. If you do not want to act accordingly your status, and not like to warn kick or punish people for acting wrong in the room, because you are afraid it will affect your status in an other room where you have operator or owner status too, please tell the one who want to promote you, so that he or she can demote you back to your former status.
  9. To give someone the friend /blue status, this person must be live on camera with face or body, and be a regular of the room. Some people only have their picture on camera. This is not a valid reason to give friend / blue status.
  10. Only the 3 main owners are allowed to take someone's colour. If an owner / red one takes someone's colour. it means he / she might be subject of demotion to operator / GREEN status.
  11. The reasons to kick people immediately without any warning are:
    1. When you have all the reasons to believe that the person on camera has NOT reached the adult status.
    2. An adult with children visible in the camera
    3. Flooding the room with join or add links to other rooms or websites.
    4. The wrong gender. Male on cam with female icon or Female on cam with male icon.
    5. Playing movies in a way that they pretending to be another camfrog user ( according the camfrog TOS is it forbidden to impersonate another user ) / try to look like a genuine camfrog user while its a showgirl from chat sites like chaturbate, camfuze , myfreemcams, etc. etc.
  12. There are some situations you can warn people first and make them aware of their wrong /or rude behaviour. Make them aware of what is not allowed in our room. The normal way is to give them 2 warnings. These warnings must be done in the room. Not in private. When you have to give the 3rd warning you can kick the person with the appropriate message why they have been kicked. Here are the reasons to kick after you have warned them:
    1. Keeping rude and / or insulting and / or lacking of respect less behaviour.
    2. Keep flooding the room.
    3. Keep hogging the microphone.
  13. A punish can be given after you kicked a person 2 times for one of the reasons given in point 11 or 12 and you would have to kick this person for the 3rd time. This 3rd time can be a punish or a ban.
  14. This is a 18+ room. This means that masturbating is allowed. No reason to kick a masturbator. If you do not like to see a dick or the size of a dick, simple close this guys camera.
  15. Let the mainowner, the one who send you to these rules, know that you have been reading the rules and that you did understand them, and will act according to these rules.
  16. These rules are subject to change.

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